About Michael Ernemann

Michael Ernemann is the founding principal of The Ernemann Group Architects. He has more than 40 years professional experience in the design of commercial, residential, and resort projects in a broad range of environments. He has completed work in the United States from Alaska and Hawaii, to New England, and in Canada, Spain and the U.K. He has served as an architectural consultant to several private planning and development firms and government agencies as well as served on the design faculty of the Boston Architectural Center. He has also juried several AIA design competition and been a guest lecturer at The University of Colorado, Denver University, and Stanford. His efforts have received critical acknowledgment through the receipt of numerous design awards and publications.

In a recent conversation Mr. Ernemann summarized a few thoughts on his work as follows:

"Architecture is essentially the construct of an idea; an idea that describes a basis for the dimension, shape and composition of space. It is also, and of integral importance, about inspiring intended emotions through embracing qualities best described by words such as: harmony, order, sanctuary, serenity, clarity, surprise, magic . . . The images within this site are a sampling of the attributes that reflect the ideas and the evocative qualities that are manifest in our work."

• Process
"As we have said, 'Architecture is essentially the construct of an idea...' Consequently our process is initiated by a comprehensive period of observation as well as assembly and analysis of project parameters. This enables us to define the objectives for the project and the context within which those objectives are meant to be achieved. And it is this extremely critical stage of the process that provides us with the basis from which an "idea" becomes evident. The process of synthesizing this "idea" into built space is not always linear nor is it formulated as a recipe, it is an artful and evolutionary one, constantly reactive to issues and influences that arise along the path. Each project is unique, as is each client and the physical location for each project."

• Sustainability
"Good architecture has always been sustainable architecture, yet in past years we have been overwhelmed with architecture that has disregarded the need for prudence in the utilization of our resources. More recently the formalization of sustainable design has had the wonderful benefits of inspiring design imagination in new and responsible ways.It has encouraged the development of new technologies, materials and building components to achieve more sustainable ends. We embrace the application of sustainable thinking and the use of sustainable technologies in our work."

• Design Clarity
"The index underlying the architecture should be self-evident through experiencing the completed work. Good architecture achieves its desired ends with less but this does not preclude complex, intricate, or highly detailed elements that add richness, character and excitement."

• Joy / Mirthfulness
"The process of making architecture like life, should be a joyful event. The end-result of this effort will then embody joy. Meaningful architecture is not cold, rigid or cruel; it has a level of intended imperfection and mirthfulness."

• Responsiveness
"Responsiveness to the client's objectives is ever-present in our design process. Equally ever-present is our desire to exceed those objectives. We are most proud of our work when the realization of the built project engenders a level of excitement for the client that goes beyond their expectation

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Projects contained within this site were made possible by the collaborative efforts of MANY, including: Lance Allee, Alfred Beadleston, Cowan Chang, Vanessa De Meulder, Simon Elliot, Jodie Feilding, Ed Hall, Elizabeth Hansen, George Kelley, Amy Maron, Bill Maron, Michael Piche, Graham Reed, Matt Scholl, Curtis Wagner, Greg Watts, Will Young

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